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Principal philosophy of teaching: Put kids first

In 1999, Mr Kwek Hiok Chuang, then a deputy director in the Ministry of Education (MOE), needed to make a choice: stay on in his article, become a bunch superintendent or help set up a new junior faculty within only four months. Finding teachers, inventing a title for Pioneer Junior ...

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Philosophy can teach children what Google can’t

In the controls of driverless automobiles, on the end of the phone when you call your bank or favorite merchant: we all know the robots are coming, and in many cases, are already here. Back in 2013, economists in Oxford University’s Martin School estimated that in another 20 years, over ...

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Dilmah’s Philosophy of Caring and Sharing

Dilmah’s Philosophy: A Conversation with Merrill Fernando on Caring and Sharing Merrill Fernando is the founder and chairperson of Sri Lanka’s largest and most international tea manufacturer, Dilmah. Early in his journey, he observed that Sri Lankan tea, a finished product which was handpicked, produced based on some conventional and ...

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A conversation with Gary Hall about pirate philosophy, academic celebrity and social theory

In this interview, Gary Hall asserts that if we want to proceed to a post-capitalist society, we will need to experiment with new methods of doing and being that are based less on notions of self-centred individualism, competition and celebrity, and much more on openness, cooperation and the present. The ...

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Malala Says Oxford Was The ‘Hardest Interview’ Of Her Life, Hopes To Study Politics, Philosophy And Economics

In the Association of School and College Lecturers yearly conference held in Birmingham, the 19-year-old revealed that’s given an admission interview in the prestigious Oxford University for studying politics, economics and philosophy. Addressing the teachers in the yearly conference, said, “I am studying at the moment, I’m in year 13 ...

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