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NEW ZEALAND’S SOUTH Island crosses 58,000 square miles of magnificent, lush terrain. But nothing on the floor surpasses what is in the sky. The area is home to the biggest dark sky observatory in the world, glittering with countless stars and spectacular views of the Milky Way. Photographer Paul Wilson ...

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Geocolor Image of Hurricane Irma

The NOAA-NASA satellite GOES-16 captured this geocolor picture of Hurricane Irma passing the eastern end of Cuba at roughly 8:00 a.m. EDT on Sept. 8, 2017. Forecasters say the eye of Irma should proceed close to the north coast of Cuba and the central Bahamas on Friday, Sept. 8 and ...

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Saturn’s North Pole Just Changed Color And Nobody Knows Why

When you thought our world had sufficient doomsday issues to grapple with, Saturn went ahead and changed colours on us. Especially, Saturn’s north pole–a hexagonal vortex which Gizmodo asserts could swallow our world whole. While nobody knows for sure how Saturn’s north pole came to be this way, scientists have ...

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