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How This Poster in a Women’s Restroom

A county council in England has come up with a clever and discreet means of combatting sexual abuse and violence.

A photograph posted to Twitter (and retweeted almost 30,000 times) reveals a poster at the women’s bathroom at a bar in Lincolnshire that advises anyone who’s feeling unsafe on a date to ask the bar staff for “Angela”–a code phrase alerting the staff that somebody is in need of assistance.

The copy reads: “Are you currently on a date which is not working out? Do you feel as if you’re not in a secure situation? Does it all feel a little weird? If you go to the pub and ask for ‘Angela,’ the bar staff will know you need help getting out of your situation and will call you a cab or help you out subtly–without too much fuss.”

The notion of being helped subtly is the most persuasive part about the effort. Fear of causing a scene or being wrong can be paralyzing for individuals in an unnerving situation.

Hayley Child, chemical abuse and sexual abuse and abuse plan coordinator for Lincolnshire County Council, informs the Independent: “The ‘Ask for Angela’ posters are part of our broader #NoMore effort which aims to promote a culture change regarding sexual abuse and violence, promote services in Lincolnshire and enable victims to make a decision on whether to report events.”

She adds: “Sexual violence and abuse is an national issue, and all councils have a duty to tackle abuse.

The only problem we see is that the #NoMore hashtag is somewhat lost among many #NoMore hashtags on social networking. But overall, it is a terrific effort toward fixing a significant issue.

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  1. Why would you tell the world about it? Now if your date over hears you asking for angela they are going to know what’s up. For this to be at all effective it needs to be discrete…

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