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The Iguana Scene From Last Night’s Planet Earth II

The absolutely mind-blowing conflict amazed TV audiences as the unbelievably fast-moving snakes chased down innocent iguanas, who had just emerged from their birthing place under beach pebbles.

Airing in November, the spectacle left audiences on the edges of the seats — and was memorable enough to acquire the only award of the night voted for by the general public.

Most baby iguanas were demonstrated to be murdered by around a dozen predators at a time as they raced to combine their mums and dads by the sea, and audiences compared the nail-biting animal chases to scenes by an ‘action movie’.

Fortunately, as always with character, some good men won the day and two plucky lizards had the best birthdays ever by inhabiting their ordeals on the island of Fernandina.


Sir David Attenborough clarified how the Galapagos Islands snakes were all very aware that it was baby iguana year — and their very best chance of a meal annually — and the legendary presenter called the successful rise of a survivor lizard as a ‘near-miraculous escape’ in his voiceover.

‘They are not working together. It is every snake for itself,’ they write.

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